Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mr Gopal Rai met the MLAs of Delhi

Transport minister
to discuss the issues related to public transport, particularly the present state of affairs of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC).
Following the meeting in which the MLAs gave numerous suggestions on how to improve public transport in the national capital, decisions/suggestions given below were finalized :
1) The main issues discussed were restoration of routes earlier in operation, initiation of new routes as per demand in a particular area, transfer of staff (drivers/conductors) nearest to their places of residence, prevailing conditions of bus depots and terminals
2) Additional bus fleet of 50 each will be provided for Ghumanhera and Bawana bus depots to strengthen public transport in rural areas.
3) Number of seats reserved in each bus for senior citizens to be doubled from two to four.
4) The minister directed DTC officials to make a plan for maximization of existing resources in public interest.
5) Optimal utilization of buses belonging to the DTC, DIMTS and Metro feeder buses.
6) Exploration of possibilities for procurement of mini and medium size buses.
7) Follow-up with DDA from allotment of land to set-up more bus depots