Thursday, August 29, 2019

Harpreet Ahluwalia says

Hello friends let's talk about punjabi culture the singing is the mirror of the culture we  always feel proud of Gurds mann sahib Harbhajan mann sahib and many more like them. Who gave punjabi singing a great heights. But in present time singing become only professional. No one think that what they sing and what message they give to the society and youth. These days songs only about violence and costly cars like b. M. W. Thor.and etc. These songs are far away from culture and our values. If god gave u the significent and good voice then sing good poetry and songs. The violent and baseless songs gave negative message to youth. So plz i humble request the all singers you are mentor of society and youth. Your followers are in billions. So plz sing nice and effective songs. Which gives society a proud feeling about u. If any word hurts any body. I feel sorry for that but plz think about it. Regards. Harpreet ahluwalia.