Sunday, September 8, 2019

Harpreet AHLUWALIA says

Hello friends let's talk about punjabi film industry. The industry growing very fastly. One or two movies released every week. This is good sign. But the movies are based on comedy and some traditional content. The concept of every movie almost same. Comedy romance and emotional touch up only. The reality of punjab not shown in movies. Only few movies are near to reality like ardass, shareek and some more. The cinema is the shadow of our society and culture but the concept of several movies are far away from that. We have great history and great historic heroes who are foegetten by script writers plz try to write reality and real situations of punjab. Only movie making is professional in this time the masala movies are only time pass for audience. The film makers have to take responsibility for making period and biopic movies which can deliver the positive shades of punjab. Plz don't believe in quantity believe in quality. Good concept and script are also praised by audiences. So show the reality of punjab make good movies either one or two in a month which gives good and positive message to youth and society. Plz make the reel and reality combination. Don't make baseless concept movies. I request to all filmmakers to think above it. I am not blaming anymore but plz think about that. Regards Harpreet AHLUWALIA 7888489190