Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Students of GGI developed Fabricated Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

 A team of 17 students Gulzar Group of institutes, Khanna, Ludhiana designed and fabricated Hydraulic Pipe bending machine featuring Semi-Automatic, flexible, low cost, easy  to use, smooth running and accurate bending according to requirement. Hydraulic operated equipments are used in various fields. Some of them include lowering and raising of chair hydraulically in Barber or Dentist shops etc. In an Automobile hydraulic jack is raised for grease job. Stepping on the brake pedal creates the hydraulic power, which stops the rotation of the four wheelers or two wheelers to stop. In order to bend pipes, rods and bars hydraulic bending machine is the most suitable equipment.

The hydraulic bending press is one of the most flexible machines allowing the fabricator or ironworker to shear, punch, bend, scroll, and press thousands of different parts.The operating procedure of hydraulic pipe bending machine is simple when compared to other pipe bending machine

While congratulating the students Chairman of Gulzar Group of Institutes, S.Gurcharan Singh said that this machine is capable to bend pipe of one inch according to the diameter of roller or die used in machine.  Fabrication in done in such a manner that Possibility to use a pipe for bending of more than one Inch diameter with ease for such simply needs to change the size of roller or die.  In this machine bending a pipe at an appropriate angle done by using an angle plate. The operation is quite smooth, simple; flexible hence better finished product produced and also capable to achieve a high production rate as compared to manual or other pipe bending methods are available in current market. According to him it is better to replace conventional machines by hydraulic pipe bending machine as it is  helpful in reducing size, space occupied, cost employed can be minimized.