Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Good job police ji


 Mr. Dhruv Dahiya, IPS. Senior Superintendent of Police, Khanna has disclosed in a press note that as per the directions of Worthy Sh. Suresh Arora, IPS Director General of Police, Punjab, Chandigarh & Sh. Ranbir Singh Khatra, IPS Deputy Inspector General of Polcie, Ludhiana Range, Ludhiana, started a special campaign against the Drug Trafficking & misdemeanors, during this campaign Khanna Police has achieved a great success today i.e. 21.08.18 when under the guidelines of Sh. Jasvir Singh, PPS. DSP/I/Khanna, Sh. Jagwinder Singh, PPS. DSP/I/Khanna during checking Naka at Pristin Mall Alour G.T. Road Khanna, SI. Davinder Singh alongwith police party stopped a suspected person namely Traurare Yakooba S/o Jujoor R/o 127, Issugerre Avenue Colony Uveri, Emmo State Nigeria and checked him.  On his frisking, police recovered 100 gms Heroin & 7 gms Cocaine & arrested him on the spot. A case FIR No. 196, Dt. 21.08.18 U/S 21/61/85 NDPS Act PS/Sadar/Khanna has been registered against the above said accused.