Thursday, October 3, 2019

Harpreet Ahluwalia,s PEN

Hello friends let's talk about time, samay. We often listen people say that time is not good its very bad. Time is not good or bad. Good or bad are our situations. We blaming time for every moment. When we are happy and satisfied we not even think about time. When something goes wrong we blame on time. Life gives everyone a chance to succeed and second to survive. When we miss both we are blaming on time. Time is with us from birth to death. The decision and reason are our own. So don't waste your time on these aspects just utilise it positively. When you are honest with your self time is always with you. But if you waste it the time goes far away from you. So believe in your honesty and hard work time is always favourable. If you agree with my thought and post then share it for AWARENESS. Regards Harpreet AHLUWALIA my no is 78884 89190.