Sunday, October 6, 2019

Kia bat, Khanna city daughter reach where very few people can reach

Khanna--Kia bat Khanna city daughter who studied in chandigarh univeresity reach where very few people can reach.

Meet Razual Purewal, Daughter of Amardeep singh purewal  Purewal towers khanna   Legal Studies Student, who earned the rare opportunity to get interned at the #MinistryofCorporateAffair as a legal intern. This selection was made from one of the seven interns out of all the applicants from India. Razual also got selected as a Research Fellow in #ThinkIndia under the aegis of #NationalSecurityAdvisor Mr. Ajit Doval, as one of the nine researchers out of thousands of applicants from various law schools in the country. These amazing opportunities have given such a great skill-building and learning experience to Razual, who is now preparing herself for her next big and unique opportunity.