Sunday, April 19, 2020

Common man does not have any relaxation during curfew /lockdown -D..c ludhiana


Ludhiana, April 19:
Deputy Commissioner Mr Pradeep Kumar Agrawal has clarified that as per the orders of the Union government, the Punjab government has issued directions as per which the common man would not have any relaxations during the ongoing curfew/lockdown. He informed that the Section 144 of CrPC would continue till May 3, 2020.
Mr Agrawal informed that no person is allowed come out of their homes without a pass, whereas the door-to-door supply of essential commodities would continue uninterrupted. He informed that different officials have already been deputed for issuing passes for various activities.
He informed that the industry is being allowed to open only conditionally. He said first of all, the industries in rural areas and focal points would be granted permission to run their businesses. He informed that for securing the permission, the industrialists would have to apply with General Manager District Industries Centre, Ludhiana and the industrialists seeking permission would have to ensure that their labour is quarantined within their factory premises. If the industrialist fails to quarantine the Labour inside the factory premises, then the labour would have to be provided with transportation service (only 50% passengers).
He informed that the projects, whose construction was underway and that have to be completed in public interest, permission would be granted to them to complete them. He clarified that before starting any work, necessary permission needs to be taken from the District Administration and these permissions would be granted as per the new directions of the Punjab government.
The Deputy Commissioner informed that for all these works, the labour would not be allowed to commute on their own, besides the record of the health checkup of labour has to be maintained, and masks, sanitisers and soaps need to be provided to the labour. The persons seeking permissions would also have to ensure social distancing strictly. He informed that the district administration would hold checking of all industries/businesses to ensure whether all the directions are strictly complied with or not and if any industry/business is found violating these directions, strict action would be taken against them.
Mr Agrawal informed that if any citizen needs to do some important work, they need to apply for an e-pass and urged them that they should follow all directions issued by the Punjab government and district administration. He stated that the government offices can only open if they have necessary permission. He said that all the old services would continue as usual and the passes would remain valid till May 3, 2020.
He also clarified that people do not need to visit offices for any work and they should only apply online for any services. He said that there would be no personal hearing because the main aim of this curfew/lockdown is to reduce person to person contact.
Mr Agrawal reiterated that like he has gone into self-quarantine, people should also follow suit and stay indoors in public interest. He said that if people come in contact with each other, the danger of spread of this disease would increase. He informed that he himself is holding meetings with officials through video conference