Sunday, September 5, 2021

Teachers honoured by Green Grove Public School

Teachers day was celebrated by Green Grove Public  School to honour the teaching faculty for their relentless and continuous service towards the society. A momentous ceremony held in the school campus taking care of all the Covid - 19 norms. The ceremony began with a cheerful and warm welcome to the Dignitaries of Green Grove family.... President Mr J. P. S Jolly, chairperson Mrs Satinderjeet kaur Jolly and principal Ms Suzy George honoured the great educationist Dr S. Radhakrishna by paying a floral tribute . Pridhi, palakjot, Bhavya, Khushman, Ishaan, kavneet, Namandeep,Harleen, Akiriti Dilmanjot, Vidhushi and Jagmanjot  honoured the teachers  by presenting speeches power point presentations , songs and dances. 
In his cheerful accolade  President Mr J. P. S Jolly    whole heartedly thanked the efficient staff members  for their diligent efforts. Chairperson Mrs Satinderjeet kaur Jolly , Vice President Ms Navera Jolly and principal Ms Suzy George also paid their gratitude by saying that... Teachers are the real role model for their students and they are proud of staff of Green Grove as they are unbeatable for their hard work and dedication.